Restricted Country Selection

The country selection component in Teramine Forms allows you to require the users of your forms to pick a country from a dropdown, as well as a state or region. In a previous video, we covered how to do that. In some situations, however, you may want to restrict the countries the user can choose from. In this video we show you how to do just that. It may be useful in some circumstances such as the following:

  • Your business is restricted to some countries: maybe US, Canada and Mexico.
  • You would like to offer services only in some regions.
Restrict the countries the user may choose from when using the Country Selection component.

The previous video covered how to use the Country Selection component in Teramine Forms. In this video we cover how to restrict the countries the user may choose from.

  • As in the previous video, create a form using the Country Select component.
  • When configuring the component, turn on the switch Restrict to one or more countries.
  • A country selection drop-down appears which allows selection of multipl countries.
  • Choose one or more countries from the list in the drop-down.
  • Save your changes to the component and the form.
  • Publish and test your form. You will notice that you can only pick from the specified countries.


The Country Selection component allows you to let your users pick a country and a state from drop-down lists. You can also restrict the user to a specific list of countries.

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