Showing the user a summary of submitted data

When the user completes a form, you may want to show the user a summary of the data submitted with the form. For such cases, you can turn on Show Summary on the Thank You page.

Show the user a summary of the data submitted when they completed your form.

This video shows how you can turn on the Show Summary option to show your user a summary of the submitted data.

  • We have already created a form called Note taking app which we will be using for this demo.
  • Browse to the forms page - click on Forms in the navigation header.
  • Click on the form for which you need to show a summary.
  • Review the form configuration. The Welcome page just has the landing page text. Adjust this if you need to.
  • Next is the Multiline text page. Here we adjust the number of rows of the text box and the number of columns.
  • On the File Upload page, we have selected Image from camera for the type of file to upload. Please note that viewing this form on a mobile allows you to take and upload a photo. On a desktop however, you can just upload an image from your computer.
  • We need just one photo so we have set the Min number of files and Max number of files to 1.
  • Next, the Thank you page is where we turn on the Show Summary option.
  • The type of summary is set to Card which is the only type available currently.
  • Save the changes to your form and publish the changes.
  • When you view the form, you can enter a text for the note as well as take a photo or upload a picture.
  • On the Thank you page, you can see the data you submitted.
  • If any uploaded files are of the Image type, they will be shown on the page.


The Show Summary option on the Thank you page shows the user a summary of the submitted data. For some situations, this might be a legal requirement. Teramine Forms allows you to do that with a single button click.