Image Captcha - a reCAPTCHA alternative

Did you know that google has changed the pricing for reCAPTCHA effective April 1 2024?
  • The free version is limited to 10,000 assessments a month.
  • The standard version costs US$8 per month and includes 100,000 assessments a month, then costs $1 per 1,000 assessments.
  • The enterprise version includes free 10,000 assessments a month, then costs $1 per 1,000 assessments.
  • And the 10,000 free reCAPTCHA assessments is per organization, not per form.

What if you use reCAPTCHA on your forms, and your content becomes popular and you start getting more than 10,000 visitors a month? A nice problem to have, but not if you use reCAPTCHA.

Build your forms using Teramine Forms and your image captcha is included for free.

Check video below to see how it works.

Keep out bots from your form with an Image Captcha

Block bots from filling your forms with an image captcha human challenge.

Bots are the bane of forms everywhere on the Internet. They walk in where they are not wanted and fill in unwanted stuff when they see an input field. They do this with the hope that some human will eventually see the message they have posted. They have been programmed by spammers to do this.

However, we do not have to deal with the garbage they post on our forms. With a simple image captcha challenge, you can keep out most bots from your forms. Bots are getting smarter so some do get in by solving the captcha challenge.

You can use Image Captcha in your forms with a few simple clicks. This will keep out most bots from your forms. In this video, we demonstrate how to add the Image Captcha widget to your forms to do just that.

  • Browse to the forms page by clicking the Forms item in the top navigation menu.
  • Click the big Create New Form to create a new form.
  • In the form configuration page, click the Add Widgets dropdown and choose Image Captcha from the menu.
  • The widget configuration page opens. Tweak the configuration to adjust the labels and messages if desired.
  • Save changes to the configuration, and click on the form name at the top and change it to a suitable name.
  • Save the form by clicking the Save button.
  • Next, we publish the form to test it out by clicking the Publish button.
  • A popup appears warning that the form will be available to everyone with a link. Once you accept that and click Yes, Publish It, the form will be published and the URL will be displayed in the popup.
  • Copy the URL and open it in a new window. The welcome screen appears. Click Next on the welcome screen
  • Next is the image captcha challenge. An image is shown and you are prompted to enter the text recognized in the image.
  • Once you enter the text correctly, the Next button becomes available and you can proceed to the next step.

And that is how simple it is to use an image captcha challenge in Teramine Forms to keep out bots and the garbage they pollute your data with.