Cloudflare Captcha

A captcha is a useful device to use in a form to cut down on bots and automated programs filling your form. While Teramine provides an Image Captcha widget for protection from bots, the Cloudflare Captcha widget is another option for protecting your form from bots. The technology behind the Cloudflare Captcha widget is provided by Cloudflare. It has a few features not present in some other captcha solutions out there. Among these are:

  • Cloudflare captcha first attempts to determine whether the user is a human by using heurtistics without requiring any user interaction. This leads to a better experience for the users of your form.
  • If an automatic verification fails, a challenge is shown but mostly not requiring the user solving any puzzle. This also makes your forms more user friendly.
Use the Cloudflare Captcha widget in your form to keep automated programs from filling your forms - no coding required.

This video shows how you can use the Cloudflare Captcha in your forms with just a couple of clicks.

  • Browse to the forms page - click on Forms in the navigation header.
  • Create a new form by clicking the big Create New Form button.
  • Add the Cloudflare Captcha component from the menu on the left.
  • Let us now configure the Cloudflare Captcha component.
  • Optionally, you may need to adjust the field label and description informing the user the purpose of the captcha.
  • Click Save Changes to save your changes to the component.
  • Back on the form preview page, click the name and change it to something suitable.
  • Save the form, publish it and you can now use it to verify that everything is correct and that the Cloudflare captcha widget is working correctly.


The Cloudflare Captcha widget in Teramine Forms allows you to easily add protection from bots and automated programs to to your forms. The technology behind this widget is provided by Cloudflare and makes it easy to use your forms since the captcha widget mostly runs without any user interaction.

See Also

The Image Captcha widget is an alternative captcha widget which allows you to add image captcha verification to your forms.