Date and Time Input

The date input component in Teramine Forms allows you to collect a date from the user. Optionally you can also have the user pick a time on a specified date. Typical use cases include:

  • Most common - let the user specify their birthday, possibly for sending a greeting or a gift.
  • Collect the expiry date of something - maybe an insurance policy, or driver's license, etc.
  • An e-commerce site may use it to let the user specify a preferred date of shipping.
Allow user to specify a date - a birthday, an expiry date or a shipping date.

The date input control lets you add a date picker to your form easily. When adding the control, you can also choose to turn on time input too. This will allow your users to pick a time on the specified date. Let us see how to use this control in a form.

  • Browse to the forms page by clicking on Forms in the navigation header.
  • Create a new form by clicking the big Create New Form button.
  • Click the Add Widgets drop-down on the left and choose Single Line Text. For this example, we start by asking the user's name.
  • Click the Add Widgets drop-down again and choose Date Input. We need to collect the user's date of birth.
  • In the Date Input configuration, change the label and the description appropriately to convey what you are collecting and why.
  • If the user must enter a value, make sure the Value is required toggle is on.
  • If the user needs to pick a time too (maybe for an appointment), make sure the Ask for time too toggle switch is turned on.
  • Click Save Changes to save your changes to this component.
  • On the form configuration page, click the name and change it to something suitable.
  • Click Save and then Publish to publish your changes.
  • Your date request form is now ready.


The Date Input component allows you to let your users pick a date, and optionally a time. It is easy to use and saves you a ton of time compared to coding the form by hand.