Multiple Choice Component

The multiple choice component in Teramine Forms enables the users of your forms to choose a number of choices from a list of choices. Examples include:

  • Choosing favorite movie categories.
  • Pick favorite brands of shoes from a list of popular brands.
  • Select days of the week when they want to workout in the gym.
  • And many more.
Show a list of choices to the user and ask them to pick one or more.

This video shows how you can use the Multiple Choices widget in Teramine Forms - how to build the list of choices, edit the list or delete items from it.

  • Browse to the forms page by clicking on Forms in the navigation header.
  • Create a new form by clicking the big Create New Form button.
  • Add the Multi Choice component from the drop-down menu on the left.
  • In the component configuration dialog, a bunch of sample choices are shown. Delete them by clicking on the X button, and add your own by clicking on the Add Choice button.
  • Click the Edit icon to edit the option label.
  • You can also re-order items by grabbing the item and moving it up or down and letting go where you want it.
  • Edit the label and description of the component to indicate clearly to the user what you are requesting and why. More information to the user means a better user experience.
  • Click Save Changes to save your changes to the component.
  • Back on the form preview page, click the name and change it to something suitable.
  • Save the form, publish it and you can now use it to verify that everything is correct, that your choices list is correct and the user can choose multiple items from the list.
  • You can check the submissions on your form by browsing to the form's Submission tab.


The Multiple Choice component allows you to let your users pick one or more options from a list of options. You can edit, delete and move the options around to order it in the form configuration screen.