Multi-line Text Input

Request multi-line text input in a form

Multi-line text input can be used to request free-form text spanning multiple lines from a user. For example, asking the user enter his or her opinion as free form text. In the video we show how to create a simple review form with multiple steps - a rating step and a multi-line text input.

  • Browse to the Forms page using the top navigation menu.
  • Click the big Create New Form button to create a new form.
  • Click the Add Widgets dropdown on the left and choose Star Rating from the menu.
  • Adjust the form input label to your requirement and click Save Changes.
  • Next choose the Multiline Text item from the Add Widgets dropdown. The widget is added at the end just before the Thank you step in the form.
  • In the widget configuration panel, adjust the parameters as you need - maybe the field label and the descrition.
  • You can also specify how many lines the multi-line text input component should take up. Adjust it as required. Note that this parameters just controls the visual display of the component - more lines can be entered and a scrollbar appears when this happens.
  • After your are done, click Save Changes.
  • Click the form name and change the name to a suitable one. Here we entered Simple Review Form.
  • Save the form and it is ready for publishing.

And that is how easy it is to create a form with a rating and a multi-line text input.