Website Star Rating

Ask your users to rate your product or service

Collecting user feedback about your product or service is very important. It allows you to objectively judge what you are doing right and what could use some improvement. The Star Rating widget assists in collecting this information.

  • Browse to the Forms page using the navigation header.
  • Click the big Create New Form button.
  • On the form configuration page, click the Add Widgets drop-down on the left, and select Star Rating.
  • On the Star Rating configuration panel, select the maximum number of stars available to rate. Change any other text labels or parameter you like.
  • Click the Save button at the top to save the form.
  • Let us now publish the form. Click the Publish button, and a popup appears to inform you that anyone with the link will be able to access the form. Click Yes, Publish It to publish the form.
  • Finally, check the form to see if it fulfills all your requirements.

You can also drop in any of the other form widgets into your form to collect more input.