Form Background Color

You forms don't have to look boring! You can spruce it up with colors, fonts, and cool effects. A visually beautiful form is more likely to compel your users from completing the form. In this video, we shall see how to update the background color of your form by using a gradient fill.

Beautify your forms by choosing a beautiful background.
  • Let us begin by creating a new form from scratch. Browse to the forms page by clicking on Forms in the navigation header.
  • Create a new form by clicking the big Create New Form button.
  • Click the Add Widgets drop-down on the left and choose Single Line Text. For this example, we start by asking the user's name.
  • Change the name of the form to something meaningful by clicking on the form name at the top right. Edit the name and click Save to save the form.
  • Let us now change the background color of the form. Click the Options tab at the right.
  • Down in the list of options you will an item Background Color.
  • Click the button and a color selector will pop up. In the color selector, browse through the available designs and click on a suitable one.
  • You will notice the Background Color button change to the color you selected.
  • Click the Close button in the popup to return to the form.
  • If you need to clear the background color, just click the Clear button.
  • You can now click on Save button on the top right of the form.
  • You will notice that the Preview tab will be updated to use the new color you selected.
  • You will also notice the Request Cookie Consent option at the bottom. It is turned on by default for all new forms. You can turn it off if you like, though not recommended.
  • If you are satisfied, click on Publish to publish the form to make it generally available.
  • Click on the Share tab at the top of the form. Here the public link to the form will be displayed.
  • Copy the link and paste it into a new browser window and check that you are satisfied with the way your form looks.
  • You will also notice a cookie consent dialog at the bottom right if you turned on the Request Cookie Consent option.
  • You will need to accept or reject cookies before you can use the form.

And that is how you can easily add a nice background to your forms.


In this video, we showed how you can add a nice background to your forms with a few clicks. We also showed how you can turn on or off requesting cookie consent from your users.