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Target Influencers

Pick a hashtag and select influencers for that hashtag whose tweets who had the highest engagement in the last 7 days.

Measure Engagement

Choose hashtags in your area of focus with the highest user engagement for a better return on your marketing dollar.

Check Sentiments

Hashtag marketing is most effective when the general tweet sentiment associated with the hashtag is positive or neutral.

Boost your sales

Find the right hashtags and see your sales go through the roof! Using the right hashtag is essential for effectively targeting your customers on twitter. Our app makes it a breeze!

Acquire more customers

Find where your potential customers hang out on twitter. You can do this by checking for popular hashtags that interest them.

Analyze your competitors

Track your competitor twitter account to improve on what they are doing. How did their previous tweets perform within the recent past, and what can you do better?

Craft your tweets

Use tweets with great user engagement in your area of focus as inspiration for your own. We crawl through millions of tweets to find you such gold nuggets.

Optimize your tweet delivery

Find the best time to post your tweet. Our app shows you at what time you should post your tweet for maximum engagement.

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