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Shows stats about submission including count of users dropping off at each step.

Easy Form Editor

Do everything in an easy-to-use GUI. No need to dive into code. Helps you save time and collect your users' feedback faster.

Uncluttered Editor

Easy creation of a form. Add a widget. Adjust the parameters. Save your form. Publish it to make it available to everyone. Promote it on your social media to collect the data.

Previewing a Step

Your form is made up of multiple steps - with just one question per screen to help users focus on what is important to you.

Track your results

Watch your results trickle in as users fill your form. Here you can see the number of form views as well as the number of partial and full completions of your form.

Request the data you require with little effort

Ask for a name, an email address, free form text about any topic and more.

Use for requesting a name or anything which fits in a single line.
Turn on validation using OTP when requesting an email address. Never again deal with bogus email addresses in your form data.
Useful for requesting free form text spanning multiple lines.
how_to_reg Image Captcha
Eliminate (or atleast reduce) bots using our Image Captcha to challenge them.
upload_file File Uploads
Need your users to upload a file? We got you covered. Request multiple file uploads using our File Upload widget.
Request the user's opinion of something using the Star Rating widget. Essential for collecting user feedback.
handshake Agreement
For allowing users to agree or disagree with an agreement. Supports multiple versions of a document and associating each user with the version they have accepted or rejected.
radio_button_checked Single Choice
Allow users to pick a single choice from a list of choices. Maybe a shipping or payment method or a preferred contact method.
calendar_month Date and Time Input
Used to collect a date and optionally a time from users. Use for a birthday, or a date and time for setting up an appointment.
Eliminate errors in your forms when requiring users to enter an address. Have them pick the country and state from a dropdown instead.
Easily add a phone number entry component to your form. You can restrict phone numbers entered to specific countries too.
Use the Cloudflare captcha widget in your forms to keep out bots. Provides a captcha method which mostly does not need any user interaction.

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